Draw with Mei

Hello and ようこそ.


I like to try a variety of different mediums, but I usually use inks, watercolors, and digital art.
**NOTE: Recently changed from @maymei7 to @meinana7.


Hello! I'm Mei!
I am a based artist in Texas.

I love to draw a variety of things with a variety of mediums. My art journey has been going on for years and is still ongoing as I'm trying to find the best way to express myself.
Since 2016 I have been participating in Art Shows at A-Kon and AnimeFest. I have definitely had fun and learned throughout those experiences.

Recently I have started a YouTube channel with the goal to show that it's okay to make mistakes in the art process because, after all, that's what it is: A process!

My goals are to continue to make art and inspire others to make art without fear.

Let's draw!

“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
― Bob Ross


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